The Process

Due to the amount of time and dedication I put towards every garment I create, my labor costs are $25/per hour. This includes body measurement, pattern making, cutting, fitting, pattern adjustment, and sewing (which includes hand sewing and other couture techniques).  A custom product could take up to 10 or more hours to create depending upon the complexity of your garment. Lead time on a completed custom garment will take at least four weeks. Please see our the process below for details:

The initial consultation’s purpose is to meet you and to get to know one another! Getting to know you and your personality will help aid me with your design. It’s also a great idea to bring any pictures, drawings, etc. with you to this meeting to support the discussion.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a non-refundable $25 consultation fee for this meeting that will go towards your order.

After our consultation, I will research fabrics, estimate the amount of supplies needed, and estimate the labor  hours required to produce your garment. If you agree to this quote, a deposit of half of the total quote is due at this point to pay for supplies.

There will be at least two fittings held following the draft of your pattern. A muslin version of your garment will be made and will need to be tried on by you in order to make any appropriate fit adjustments. Based on the difficulty of the garment, there may be more fittings scheduled.

Final Payment
Upon completion of your garment, your final payment is due.

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